September 21, 2017 @ 6:00 PM – October 26, 2017 @ 9:00 PM
The Apothecary
3 Garlands Rd
Woolston, Christchurch 8023
New Zealand
The Apothecary
03 389 0857

In this 6 week programme:

  • Educate yourself into a healthier place
  • Learn the science behind managing your weight
  • Learn how to increase your energy levels and feel fabulous every day
  • Learn how you can retake control of your weight, your diet and your overall health
  • No diet/No fads just what works
  • Learn that diet isn’t everything yet…diet is everything
  • Relearn everything you thought you knew

There’s no better time than now. Formulate your plan.

FREE Sugar Destroyer included worth $25.

6 WEEK COURSE. 2 Hours per Week. $300.00 per person {$50 per session}

This course is for those who want to be educated, empowered and motivated. It is for those who want to learn the why’s and how’s of eating properly. It is for those who want an eating plan for life based on scientific truths and nothing else.

Book before April 3rd, June 28th or September 10th and pay only $270 per person

In this 6 weeks you will learn:

  • Week 1 – How we got here
  • Week 2 – Macro-nutrients and how they work in the body
  • Week 3 – Micro-nutrients and where to find them
  • Week 4 – Psychology of eating
  • Week 5 – Exercise types and how to’s
  • Week 6 – The food industry and how to navigate it

Limited to 20 spaces. 3 intakes 2017:

Wednesday, April 12th ~ May 17th 6:00pm ~ 8:00pm including Q & A.

Wednesday, July 5th ~ August 9th 6:00pm ~ 8:00pm including Q & A.

Thursday, September 21st ~ October 26th 6:00pm ~ 8:00pm including Q & A.


A lot of new thoughts on ‘old’ topics. Certainly not same ole same ole. The information was very clear and well presented both in the printed material and spoken…I liked the feedback and tips in the last session…A bit (or a lot) of thinking outside of the box was very refreshing…I especially enjoyed the ’empowerment of our choice’ type of topic at the end…I have never heard that presented in a weight loss programme before. To leave feeling empowered to take control (especially after setbacks) is an excellent topic. Well done you! – Lynette 13/09/2016