Instead of telling you what not to do we are going to give you some positive things to consider when losing weight instead:

  1. If you fall off the bandwagon – don’t worry! Just get back on it. Never beat yourself up with unnecessary guilt – it wasn’t meant to be a ride without bumps – food addiction is real and its called a relapse honey. Just get over it and get back to your good habits again. You will soon feel like crap for eating the wrong foods so treat this as a great reminder about why you eat well.
  2. Enjoy your treats – Yes treats are for enjoying, when we do have them we should enjoy them – its just that now we only have treats once a week now instead of well…more often.
  3. Its what you do 90% of the time that counts – hence why we are allowed treats and why we are able to enjoy them when we do have them.
  4. Realise that when you eat well you FEEL better and that’s why we do it. Weight loss is just the by product, the after thought, the result of eating and feeling well.
  5. Enjoy spending money on good food – its tastes better – get organic olive oil and taste the difference – get that small but good quality cheese and enjoy it. Less is more when it comes to food.
  6. When you don’t want to go to the gym and work out – realise that its a normal feeling! No other animal in the kingdom seeks to expend energy – animals are deigned to conserve energy and eat when the opportunity presents itself – we have to recreate that type of environment and the workouts and diets are how we do it.
  7. Its OK to fast – your metabolism isn’t going to set itself backward just because you skipped a meal, if you eat less today you will probably eat more in winter to make up for it. Conversely if you eat more in winter you will naturally eat less in summer, so its OK!
  8. Its OK to follow your appetite – so long as you are avoiding the main culprits – sugar, fried fats, excess starch – your weight will set itself and your appetite will regulate itself. Sometimes you will feel hungrier and that’s OK – sometimes you wont feel hungry and that’s OK too, just go with it without going overboard.
  9. If you want to go on a diet that’s great, do it and then return  back to normal eating again, don’t feel bad about anything when it comes to eating – we inherited this terrible food environment from our capitalist forefathers – it wasn’t our fault, we just have to learn our way around it.
  10. Remember that everything is habit – even eating well. Once you do it for so long it just becomes normal. If you inherited coping mechanisms from childhood that draw you to reward yourself with food – replace that with another reward – when you do it for long enough that too will become habit.


Simone Reddington is the founder of the Apothecary, a Medical Herbalist and thinker. She holds a degree in Psychology and is a professional member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.