About Nutrition

Why Is Nutrition Important?

Remember food is medicine. One of the major problems affecting modern health is over consumption and under nutrition. Research has been undertaken on the effect of nutrition on our health and how foods affect our gene expression. It shows your body may require more than what is normally required depending on your genetic make-up, or you may be prone to certain deficiencies because of lifestyle factors, or an overly-processed diet. Nutrients matter because without them we can’t properly use the energy we have eaten. Put simply, if you eat high nutrient foods you will be healthier; if you eat low nutrient food you will be less healthy. There are 32 essential nutrients that we need from food. If we don’t eat them, we don’t get them, it’s as simple as that.

Our advice is the same for virtually all conditions: Eat quality protein at each meal, a very small amount of grains, at least 5+ vegetables and fruits a day, eat your choice of fermented food daily, eat something raw daily, eat quality fats only, and drink water every day. Remember food is medicine.

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