Our Friends

Below are our recommendations of local and international people who we follow and endorse for their traditional herbal and scientific, common sense approach to health.


Phytofarm is a herbal medicine farm, nestled on a hillside in Little River. If you want to learn more about medicinal plants, indulge in the wonderful world of plant medicine workshops at Phytofarm. Ph. 03 325 1314

 Restore Prehabilitate & Recovery

Restore offer unique services to help you recover and set yourself up for betterfitness & recovery using a range of techniques. They also teach a ‘core class’ which ultimatley helps improve both breathing & abdominal muscles at the same time. Check htem out here in Christchurch’s Tuam St, central city. 

Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley brought intermittent fasting to the forefront of our minds with the 5:2 diet and more recently the Fast 800 diet. He is a proponent of good health and brings the latest scientific research to all of his work.

Dr Terry Wahls

Dr Terry Wahls is an advocate of a strict Paleo (anti-inflammatory) diet to help get auto-immune conditions under control, or for anyone who wants to be in peak health. Terry Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for many years before discovering through research the power of dietary interventions, applying them to herself and reversing her auto-immune disease. From wheelchair bound to happy and healthy Dr Terry Wahl’s Paleo diet is worth checking out.

This Week in Virology (TWIV)

TWIV a.k.a. This Week in Virology – is our weekly dose of Coronavirus updates. This podcast is light but with a heavy dose of science where Vincent and the Team review recent scientific papers on the latest in SARS-Cov-2 science. Listen to Vincent and the team as they digest and discuss papers, have the occasional rant and then take on listeners emails including some from NZ listeners!

Dr Been

Dr Been is a medical lecturer, with a fantastic teaching style and uses hand drawn diagrams to explain medical processes effectively. He has an online presence and his videos can be accessed through YouTube or his website. He has been keeping us all up to date with Covid-19 information since the start of the pandemic.

Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Rhonda Patrick is a research scientist in all things to do with lifespan and she specialises in subjects such as fasting, fitness, and longevity. She is young, fun and unpacks scientific concepts easily and gives up to date advice on health and longevity. She is based in the US.