How long does it take to get results when seeing a Medical Herbalist such as ourselves? dna

We all tend to want a quick fix and whilst there are some cases that are a quick fix {one issue that needs dealt with quickly} most of our cases are chronic conditions which means they have been there for a long time or are complex. Complex cases require many layers to be treated and it is a process of trial and error ~ what works, what dose, how long did it take and finally why did this work for you? Then onto the next thing ~ what works, how long will it take and why.

Some things we can notice easily like hayfever symptoms, sleep quality, frequency of hot flushes etc. Others we need a blood test to tell if things are working. Hormonal problems classically take 3 months to see a noticeable change.

Working together is a process of getting to know you ~ we are trying to get to know you on in the inside ~ your biochemistry ~ how you tick. We need you to explain your symptoms and signs in detail which makes our job of helping you so much easier. Sometimes we need 2 or 3 attempts to get something right, other times we nail it on the first go, so as a patient you do need to be patient! There are hundreds of ‘pathways’ in a cell ~ these are the biochemical processes which affect the cells functioning ~ judging by your symptoms, signs and tests we need to determine which pathway needs resetting and which ones to leave alone. When something doesn’t work its usually because the pathway targeted wasn’t the right one, and when something works its because we targeted the right pathway with nutrition and herbs.

If as a patient you are happy with your results we can finish our work ~ until next time, but hopefully you know how to deal with the problem next time, or just come back and we will remind you how. But if you have a chronic condition all layers will need to be worked through ~ continuously. Initially this can take between 6 months to 2 years and eventually you will keep the habit and know what to do to stay well. §

Simone Reddington is a Clinical Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and thinker. She is part of the Apothecary’s clinical team.