27 April 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Apothecary
The Tannery 3 Garlands Road
Woolston, Christchurch 8023
New Zealand
The Apothecary
03 389 0857
  • How does stress affect you?
  • How does it impact on your life?
  • How does your life dictate your stress levels?
  • Is stress good or bad for us?
  • Where are you in the Stress cycle?

In this 1 Hour class learn how to help yourself by knowing where you are in the stress cycle. Stress is something everyone needs to learn about. Stress complicated many bodily functions or is a direct cause of some health issues. Learn about the process of stress and how it affects the body.

If you have a High stress lifestyle; Chronic fatigue; Insomnia; Feeling of running on empty; High blood pressure; Digestive disorders; Premenstrual tension; These are all symptoms of stress.

During the year the stress of life can build up, so now is a good time to come and learn how you can take better care of yourself. Learn to combat stress in your life. Wednesday April 27th 6:00 pm. 1 hour plus Q & A.

Stress Management is a seminar that we take to workplaces or any interested group. We are happy to come to you, just give us a call to arrange a date and a time.