When drunk on a regular basis – yes, fruit juice is as bad as fizzy. Some people find this hard to believe but what is there left in a processed fruit drink apart from sugars and some stale vitamins?

Many people feel that juice is a better alternative to fizzy. But lets look at why fizzy is bad for us:

a) Fizzy is sweet there for it is bad for our teeth, bad for our blood sugar levels and bad for our waistline. Fruit juice is generally just as sweet as fizzy.

b) Fizzy is acidic. It contains added acids for flavour. This rots teeth and can leach the body of vital minerals. Fruit juice is also acidic and rots teeth.

c) It is devoid of any minerals and vitamins. It contains empty calories and no valuable nutrients. It is pure sugar water. Fruit juice also loses its nutrients when juiced and when sitting on the shelf. Many nutrients are sensitive to light and heat and once enzymes break down in the fruit they are no longer useful. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is the only way to enjoy a fruit juice to benefit from the enzymes and minerals.

d) It does not quench thirst like water. Nothing quenches thirst like water, which is what our body needs when thirsty. The only time to enjoy a fizzy is very occasionally 2-3 times per year on a really hot day. The same with fruit juice. If you are not making them at home yourself, the time to really enjoy them is on a hot summers day, chilled. The rest is wasteful use of fruit which is otherwise really very good for you when eaten whole on a daily basis.

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Simone Reddington is the founder of the Apothecary, a Medical Herbalist and thinker. She holds a degree in Psychology and is a professional member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.