Making your own Reed Diffuser at home from reused materials and lovely essential oils is easy.

Here is what you need:

  • A jar {or reuse your original reed diffuser bottle or jar}
  • Bamboo skewers {or reuse some original reed diffuser sticks – we also sell sticks}
  • Spirit alcohol – any will do – use what you have around home
  • Essential oils

All you need to do is reuse your original reed diffuser or find some bamboo sticks or skewers, even wooden chopsticks will do! If you don’t have an old one to reuse simply use a favourite jar or glass vase, or purchase some reed sticks off us.

Spirit alcohol is used because we need a higher percentage for evaporating the oils – do not use an oil like olive oil because the smells will stay in the bottle whereas alcohol evaporates and takes the essential oils with them, making your room smell lovely. Vodka and Gin are good because they don’t change the smell of the essential oils but I use whatever is in the house – usually Whiskey or Brandy adds a nice wholesome fragrance to the mix. Add the spirit alcohol to the bottle or jar. Add your own blend of essential oils – a total of about 10-20 drops and add your sticks. Turn daily to release the smell and enjoy!

Using essential oils is a fun way to incorporate the sense of smell in your life and this is another great, safe way to use them. You can save resources by reusing your old reed diffuser and continuing to use it over and over again #reuse


Note: We use Zurma essential oils a Christchurch brand who stock quality essential oils. You can refill most essential oils in our store which not only saves resources but also saves you money.

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