Follow this recipe to learn the ingredients for a good sleep!sunset-1770263_640


Part 1 – Length 5 days: Preferably one whole day each free of immediate stress. If this cannot be managed even in the face of a grueling and pressured work day and family commitments, micro-breaks can be taken in order to obtain deep breaths for the sake of the reduced nervous tension it brings. No or low caffeine and none after 12 midday!

Part 2 – Length 2 days:  Preferably 2 whole days of non-work related activities and which should include some relaxing activities such as walking outdoors, interaction with nature, exercise or raised heart rate, conversations with loved ones, snuggly-buggly with loved one {if available}, sleep ins or the reverse sleep in {early night} and quality time with family and friends. Some partaking of inebriates on one of those nights is allowed but not to the extreme, moderation is key.


  • 1 setting of dim lighting from 8pm onwards


  • Reading, or some relaxing activity for part of the evening until 930pm at the latest. IMPORTANT NOTE: No interaction with gadgets* from 930pm onwards
  • Allow for some time without any stimulation, books included to ponder the thoughts of the day and allow any problems solving activity to come to mind. Prepare for the next days work if necessary by putting notes into a dairy. DO NOT USE A COMPUTER OR A TABLET TO DO THIS PART. Include any preparations of food and housework needed to be done before the morning.
  • Relaxing drink of herbal tea or milk drink of your choice


  • From 9pm onwards take shower or bath or start hygiene preparations for the upcoming sleep. Tip: If bathing include a large handful of Epsom salts and fragrant bath oillavender-1636567_640
  • Make way to bedroom {Note: Pre-prepare with dim lighting} and change into bed cloths
  • Get comfortable and if sufficiently tired you may allow sleep to take hold. If still not sufficiently tired allow time for some bedroom activity. {Note: Television is not permitted as a bedroom activity}

If this recipe is followed diligently, the time allowed to prepare for the following day should mean that the mind is free of worries and sufficiently prepared for rest. If any steps are missed follow the recipe closer at next attempt §

*Gadgets include cell phones, tablets and televisions

Simone Reddington is the founder of the Apothecary, a Medical Herbalist and thinker. She holds a degree in Psychology and is a professional member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.