Simone Reddington

Medical Herbalist | Naturopath | Founder of The Apothecary | BA Psych | Dip Herb Med | B Nat Med | MNZAMH

After graduating in Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Simone completed a 3 year Diploma in Herbal Medicine which she started at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine. She went on to complete the Bachelor in Natural Therapies at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. Simone has a particular interest in the science of Herbal Medicine and in particular the research that is coming through in helping to understand the pharmacology of Herbal Medicines. Additionally, Simone has been trained in the live blood analysistechnique which allows her to look at a live blood sample and gather further information about your blood. Simone also regularly sends people for blood tests and will happily work with your GP.

Background: Simone’s background in Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, on top of a scientific and social science perspective on life has made Simone particularly good at helping patients find the root causes of their signs and symptoms which can usually be discovered within the first consultation. Her challenge is to gauge what will work for you to prevent future suffering. Simone also takes the time to educate her patients about what is going on in their body to help people understand their own biochemistry in order to help make the right behaviour changes. Simone’s no nonsense approach suits many people.

Simone specialises in:

  • Mental health – Depression & Anxiety
  • Weight loss – Diabetes & Metabolic syndrome
  • Immune system – Low immunity
  • Cardiovascular Health – High blood pressure
  • Stress – Sleep issues & Burn out
  • Hormones – Period pain, PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Dietary & lifestyle changes including detoxification programmes

Simone generally takes delight in helping to figure out people’s health problems. Simone also blogs for APOTHECARY NOWand runs EDUCATION talks at The Apothecary.

Availability: Simone is available for booking on Thursday’s & Friday’s until she goes on maternity leave in October 2017. She will return for consultations mid year 2018.

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