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Simone Reddington


Medical Herbalist | Naturopath | Founder of The Apothecary | BA Psych | DipHerbMed | BNatMed | MNZAMH

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After graduating in Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Simone completed a 3 year Diploma in Herbal Medicine at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine. She went on to complete the Bachelor in Natural Therapies at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. Simone has a particular interest in the science of Herbal Medicine and in particular the research that is coming through in helping to understand the pharmacology of Herbal Medicines. Additionally, Simone has completed training with Fitgenes genetic profiling which looks at how certain genes interact with lifestyle and dietary choices. She also regularly sends people for blood tests and will happily work with your GP.

Passion: The Apothecary was founded by Simone in 2013 as a group run practice connecting the best practitioners to our community through the Apothecary. Simone’s background in Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine, on top of a scientific and social science background has made Simone particularly enjoy helping patients find the root causes of their signs & symptoms. Her challenge is to gauge what will work for you & to develop a plan that suits you. Simone also takes the time to educate her patients about what is going on in their body to help people understand their own biochemistry in order to help make their own changes. Simone’s no nonsense approach suits many people.

Stress Clinic: Mental health, Depression & Anxiety

Sleep Clinic: Insomnia, Anxiety, Sleep Maintenance, Stress Management

Weight loss Clinic: Weight loss protocols, Metabolic syndrome, Diet & Lifestyle Counselling

Immune Clinic: Low immunity, Autoimmune disorders

Cardiovascular Clinic: Blood pressure, Cholesterol management, Metabolic syndrome, Fatigue

Digestion Clinic: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis & Diverticulitis, Blood Sugar Imbalance, Stool testing, SIBO testing

Thyroid Clinic: Hyper & Hypo-Thyroid, Iodine Testing

Integrative Care Clinic: Helping patients on medications & safe;y integrating herbal medicine with medications

Detox Clinic: Dietary & lifestyle changes including preventative health & detox programmes

Availability: You will find Simone at the Apothecary on Mondays, and in Clinic on Tuesdays & Fridays.  Simone is a professional member of the NZAMH.

Andrea Williams


Medical Herbalist | Naturopath | Dip HerbMed | MNZAMH

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Andrea has 21 years experience in the health industry and we are excited to have Andrea on the Apothecary team.  Andrea studied Herbal Medicine & Nutrition at the highly esteemed Canterbury College of Natural Medicine & completed a Diploma in Herbal Medicine. Andrea has excellent experience in skin conditions, immunity, cardiovascular health & more. She has experience in treating insomnia, addictions, immunity, cardiovascular health, menopause & stress. Andrea has a great understanding of herbal medicines and how they work in the body. Andrea also specialises in diet changes as she is happy to recommend dietary plans, recipes and more to clients and support people to change their diet and lifestyle.

Passion: Andreas passion is in helping people through one on one consultations to change their diet and to use herbal remedies successfully. Andrea is passionate about educating & giving you tools and advice to get on the path of wellness so that you can be independant with the knowledge that you have gained through consultations so that you can take care of yourself more fully in the future.

Stress Clinic: Stress, Insomnia, Burn out, Addictions, Depression & Anxiety

Brain Clinic: Brain injuries, Nutritional Support

Integrative Care Clinic: Helping patients on multiple medications and safely integrating herbal medicine with medications

Arthritis Clinic: Pain & Inflammation

Digestion Clinic: Gut health, gallstones, liver & irritable bowel syndrome

Allergy Clinic: Seasonal Allergies, Allergy Testing, Gut Protocols, Food Intolerances & Sensitivities

Lung Clinic: Chest Infections, Asthma
Chronic Lung Conditions

Cardiovascular Clinic: Cholestrol, blood pressure, metabolic syndrome & weight loss

Immune Clinic: Immunity & helping manage autoimmune conditions with diet & lifestyle

Women’s Clinic: Menopause, PMS

Men’s Clinic: Enlarged Prostate, Sperm Quality, Nutritional Support

Sports Clinic: Sports Performance & Recovery, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injuries & Inflammation, Cardiovascular support

Availability: Andrea joined The Apothecary team in 2021 and is practicing on Wednesday, Thursday & alternate Sundays. She is also available for consultation via Zoom or phonecall. Andrea s a professional member of the NZAMH.

SimoneLena Andersen


Nutritionist | BAppSC | Yoga Teacher | Dip Yoga 500+ hours | NSNZ

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SimoneLena returns to the Apothecary team as a qualified Nutritionist. SimoneLena studied Nutrition at the Ara Institute in Christchurch gaining a Bachelor in Applied Science in Human Nutrition. SimoneLena is also a Yoga teacher and has worked in the wellness space for over 10 years.  She is happy to recommend dietary plans, recipes and more to clients and support people to change their diet &  lifestyle for their life stage & health goals.

Passion: SimoneLena has a particular passion for working with young people around adequately fuelling the body with the right food. She struggled with chronic fatigue and gut issues as a result of under fueling that has led her down the path of nutrition, wholefood, cooking & health. SimoneLena is ready and willing to help you with your goals around health & nutrition to create lasting improvements in energy levels, blood sugar management, gut health, the nervous system, immunity, cardiovascular health, brain, joints, bone health, self-esteem & lifespan! She is passionate about the mind and body connection, and helping improve people’s relationship with food. She loves to teach people how to take a sustainable and holistic approach to diet, wellbeing & lifestyle. SimoneLena is here to give you the tools to take better care of yourself so you can make long term health changes.

Nutrition Clinic: Diet Analysis, Nutritional Counselling, Weight Management Plans, Lifespan Nutrition, Reducing supplementation reliance

Cardiovascular Clinic: Cholesterol Management, Nutritional Counselling, Metabolic syndrome & Weight loss

Weight Loss Clinic: Weight Loss Protocols, Metabolic Syndrome, Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselling

Diabetes Clinic: Diabetes Protocol, Metabolic Syndrome Protocol, Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselling

BoneCare Clinic: Bone Density, Injuries & Tissue Healing, Nutritional & Lifestyle Counselling

Digestion Clinic: Gut health, Dietary Counselling, Blood sugar imbalance, Food sensitivity

Mens Clinic: Nutritional Support & Advice, Lifestage Nutrition

Womens Clinic: Nutritional Coaching, Support & Advice, Anaemia, Lifestage Nutrition

Immune Clinic: Helping manage autoimmune conditions with gut health, diet & lifestyle

Sports Clinic: RED-S, Sports Performance & Endurance, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injuries & Recovery, Cardiovascular support

Brain Clinic: Brain health & Nutrition

Availability: SimoneLena returned to The Apothecary team in 2023 as a practicing Nutritionist. SimoneLena is available on Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings. She is also available for consultation via Zoom or phone call. SimoneLena is an associate member of the NSNZ.