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When choosing to consult with a Medical Herbalist you get the chance to address what may be the root causes of your symptoms. Holistic consultations last 60-75 minutes and we make a thorough assessment, discuss options, and create you an individualised and holistic treatment plan. We help to identify your triggers, warning signs, diet & lifestyle challenges then recommend what herbs, diet & nutritional supplements will give you the best results. We then ask you to make simple dietary changes to get the nutrients you need & tailor a herbal programme to suit you.

Follow up appointments are booked to help track your progress and support the work you are doing with GP’s, specialists and allied health professionals. They last anywhere between 15, 30 or 45 minutes, progressively less as symptoms improve, for as long as you need to reach your health goals. We find that at least 2-3 follow up appointments allows time to make changes and for us to teach you what you need to know to get back on track. As holistic practitioners we believe that treating all aspects of your health, gives you the best results long term.

You can come back at any time and pick up from where you left off or continue with other issues. Prevention is our ultimate aim.


Prices including GST

60-75 minutes – $140

45 minutes – $105

30 minutes – $70

15 minutes – $35

All appointments include complementary follow up phone calls or emails. It is recommended that all appointments be made in advance and changed within 24 hours.

Our Practitioners

Simone Reddington

Medical Herbalist  | Naturopath | BA Psych | Dip Herb Med | B Nat Med | Fitgenes practitioner | MNZAMH

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Andrea Williams

Clinical Medical Herbalist | DipHerbMed | MNZAMH

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SimoneLena Andersen

Nutritionist | Yoga Teacher | BAppSc | DipYoga200+ | MNSNZ

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Heather McKain

Naturopathic Doctor (USA) | Counsellor | BA Epidemiology | Neuroscience | MNMHNZ | MAANP | MNZAC

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