Albatross Butterfly Razor & blades


Disposable razors took over the world and now reusable razors are making a come back. We decided to invest in some sturdy, beautiful, unisex, old fashioned butterfly razors and we have had a great response so far and some great feedback on their comfortable use. You are purchasing 1 x butterfly razor – this means both sides open together. Included is 1 x 10 pack of blades and a Hemp bag.

We also sell 10 packs of blades separatley for when you run out.

Albatross razors are razor sharp so please be careful if this is your first time using a real razor. One side of the razor has ALBATROSS embossed on it so we recommend using one side of the razor until it goes blunt then switching sides before you replace it.

And thanks for being an eco-consumer. Enjoy!

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1 butterfly razor and 1 x pack of razor blade refills, 1 x 10 pack of refill blades