Autumn Tonic ~ Adaptogenic


Classic Autumn Herbs

Recover from summer and prepare for winter with adaptogenic, antiviral, cognitive and cardiac tonics. These autumn herbs increase brain power as we sink into study or work thereby improving concentration and stamina. Cardiac tonics also provide beneficial flavonoids which can assist blood vessel repair. Enjoy for 3 months.

Siberian ginseng root – Adaptogenic

Bacopa leaf ~ Brain tonic

Elderberry ~ Antiviral

Dandelion root ~ Gall Bladder tonic

Hawthorne Berry ~ Cardiotonic

Additional information


Siberian ginseng root, Bacopa leaf, Elderberry, Dandelion root, Hawthorne Berry


Take 10 ml twice daily before food.
For best results use for 3 months.


Avoid taking if you are on Digoxin, acute gallbladder inflammation or gallstones. If you are on antihypertensive medication please advise your health professional. Do not take if you are pregnant. Can be taken while breastfeeding.