Biotrace Chromium 60ml


Chromium is an essential mineral meaning that we must get it from our foods in order to make enzymes and other molecules from it as part of our normal cellular function. Chromium is involved in several pathways especially the transport of insulin into cells which makes it necessary to reduce blood sugar to normal levels. Other studies have shown that the correct intake of chromium also reduces body fat and increases muscle mass. It also plays a role in sperm viability and cholesterol production, Chromium is mainly used therapeutically for any conditions related to Cardio-Metabolic function such as heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and weight loss. It has also been reported to reduce sugar cravings as it has a stabilising effect on the blood sugar levels meaning those who suffer from frequent blood sugar lows also benefit from taking Chromium supplements. It is also known that many whole foods contain chromium naturally and that the consumption of refined carbohydrates induces a Chromium deficiency as the body draws on reserves to process the refined sugars, therefore the blood sugar trap starts leading to more sugar cravings and weight gain. This makes Chromium supplementation essential for anyone starting a weight loss programme or who regularly craves sugar and has had a high refined sugar intake in the past. Those with insulin dependent diabetes must seek the professional advice of a health professional before starting Chromium supplements.

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Magnesium (CMD) 21mg; Chromium (Chromic Chloride) 200mcg; Chloride (CMD & Chromic Chloride) 61mg; Purified water, Dead Sea Minerals (DSM), Citric Acid, Potassium Benzoate less than 0.1%


1ml daily mixed with water, juice or food. Use only as directed.


Individuals with diabetes should first consult with a health care professional before taking supplemental chromium, especially chromium picolinate as chromium can lower insulin requirements. If symptoms persist see your health professional.