Biotrace Magnesium 60ml


Magnesium is an essential mineral meaning that we must get it from our foods in order to make enzymes and other molecules from it as part of our normal cellular function. Magnesium is involved in over 300 pathways especially the blood sugar regulation, bone production, Vitamin D synthesis, nerve conduction & neurotransmitter production, as well as being used in the conversion of glucose to energy.

Studies have shown that the correct intake of Magnesium reduces Cardiovascular disease risk, and Magnesium levels have been found to be low in several Cardiovascular diseases. Magnesium is commonly taken as part of any programme related to supporting nervous function and can often be taken successfully to treat mild insomnia or any form of excessive nervous function such as restless legs syndrome, anxiety, muscle twitching and cramping. It is also well known that Magnesium reduces cortisol {stress hormone} levels when taken at the end of the day which is part of the mechanism by which Magnesium helps with sleep onset.  It is hard to pin down any one reason to take Magnesium as it has so many important functions, it is the second highest mineral found in the body after Calcium. It is also hard to test for Magnesium deficiency because Magnesium lives inside cells not in the blood.

Green foods contain Magnesium naturally as it is central to the Chlorophyll molecule and the high consumption of refined and processed foods and a low intake of vegetables, nuts & seeds causes a Magnesium deficiency. Those with Cardiovascular problems and excessive sweating {working in a hot environment or athletes} lose Magnesium in sweat as well as those under high stress. These are often the times Magnesium supplementation is needed the most.

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Per 1ml: Magnesium (CMD) 105mg; Chloride (CMD) 340mg; Sodium 3.5mg, Potassium 2.3mg, Dead Sea Minerals (DSM), Purified Water.


Take 1ml daily in water, 1-3 times daily. The recommended daily intake for Magnesium is 300mg


If symptoms persist see your health professional.