Bitter Tonic | Choleretic



Bitter herbs stimulate the liver and gall bladder & increase bile production and flow. This tonic may assist in the removal of fatty compounds in the liver and may help to lower cholesterol levels over time. Bitter tonic is also the preferred tonic for those without a gall bladder, taken with meals it will stimulate bile production in the liver and help digest fats present in the meal. This can reduce discomfort associated with fatty meals.

This tonic will also improve bowel emptying, helping the bowel form a complete stool and enables the stool to move more effectively through the bowel, without causing a laxative effect. To help remove waste and reduce cholesterol levels more thoroughly it is best used with Psyllium hulls once or twice daily. Whilst we caution the use of this tonic when there are gall stones present, if they are small, or are referred to as ‘sludge’ the tonic may help remove these, however larger stones require medical attention and supervision. Because the tonic stimulates bile production and release of bile salts it can be used safely and slowly in the right conditions. Please talk to your helath professional about this if you suspect you have gall stones or have been diagnosed with gall stones.

Best taken for 3 months.

Milk Thistle seed ~ Bitter tonic

Globe artichoke leaf ~ Bitter tonic

Dandelion root ~ Gall bladder tonic

Rosemary leaf ~ Antioxidant

Liquorice root ~ Demulcent

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Milk Thistle seed, Globe artichoke leaf, Dandelion root, Rosemary leaf, Liquorice root


Starting dosage: 7 ml once daily for 7 days. Increase to 7 ml twice daily for 7 days.
Increase to full dosage.
Full dosage: 7 ml three times daily with main meals.


Caution with pre-existing gall stones, jaundice and acute liver disease.
Take mineral supplements separately.
Not to be taken if you have high blood pressure or water retention due to Liquorice content.