Bloody Mary | Uterine Astringent


Uterine Astringent

This tonic is designed to relieve heavy bleeding and painful mensuration by astringing the uterus lining with uterine tonics. With the addition of the NZ native herb Kohekohe to reduce cramping and inflammation this tonic provides powerful relief and improves its results when used over time. Ginger root aids the reduction in prostaglandin synthesis which causes pain and inflammation. With the combination of uterine astringency and the anti-spasmodic Cramp Bark this tonic is designed to be used up to 1 week before bleeding begins and throughout menstruation. It can be put on the shelf for the rest of the month and pulled back out again each month to help relieve heavy periods and period pain. Can be used in conjunction with common pain relief medications.

For best results use with good quality Fish oil and Magnesium tablets throughout the month.

Please see a qualified health professional for full support and to address any hormone imbalance or any unusual heavy bleeding. Young women who bleed monthly may need iron levels checked regularly to ensure Ferritin is within range.

Raspberry leaf – Uterine astringent

Lady’s Mantle leaf – Uterine astringent

Kohekohe leaf – Anti-inflammatory

Crampbark – Antispasmodic

Ginger root – Anti-inflammatory

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Raspberry leaf, Lady's Mantle, Kohekohe leaf, Crampbark, Ginger root


Take for 1 week prior to and during menstruation for the relief heavy bleeding and cramping. Dosage 8 ml 2-3 times daily.


Take separately from mineral and iron supplements by 1-2 hours.
Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.
If taking other medications or if you have a medical condition talk to your health professional before taking.