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Natracare organic tampons are certified organic 100% cotton tampons. These come with or without an applicator. Expect the same results you get when using regular tampons but without the potentially harmful chemicals, fragrances & pesticides coming into contact with the precious mucous membranes of the female body.

What’s more the materials used to make these organic tampons are biodegradable and dissolve naturally in landfills.

Organic production methods also help prevent the contamination of the air, water and soil in the areas where they are grown so you are helping to build a more sustainable future for us all by supporting companies that use organic farming methods.

We love using sustainable ingredients which are better for both our body and the environment & without the hefty price tag. Enjoy!

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100% organic cotton tampons


Regular 10s, Super 10s, Regular with applicator 16s, Super with applicator 16s