Brain Clinic


Brain health is something we often take for granted until we notice signs that it may be starting to need help. Signs of a brain that needs help are forgetfulness, short term memory loss, fatigue when performing tasks that require concentration, depression and poor digestive function among many. Things that contribute to brain deterioration include, insomnia, cardiovascular events, diabetes, head injuries, lack of nutrition, substance abuse, exposure to toxic metals and chemicals, chronic alcohol usage, chronic mould exposure, air pollution, high stress over a long period of time, trauma and lack of emotional support. Quite simply, anything that affects our health can affect our brain too. Our brains require constant nutrition every minute of the day. Low blood sugar levels cause fatigue and brain fog in a short amount of time. Finding out what is the cause of your brain issues is about taking a thorough health history and looking for clues in other areas of your body.

Once we have determined your root causes, we assess your diet and come up with evidence based solutions as part of a full and thorough treatment plan. There are many lifestyle and behaviour changes we can make to improve our brain health too. These lifestyle recommendations help you in the long term to improve brain health. Good nutrition is an integral part of our treatment – from addressing deficiencies in key nutrients required for the brain as well as utilising herbal remedies which cross the blood-brain-barrier and help with specific cognitive functions. We also look at root causes and find out what you need to address in order to improve your brain health in the long term.

In your appointment we go over your symptoms and any diagnosis. We start to develop you a plan with recommendations based on up to date herbal remedies and targeted nutrition. We initiate your treatment plan alongside any medications you are taking and write to your GP if needed. We start the journey of working together to improve your brain health over time.

Our Brain Clinic consists of the following:

  • 1 hour and 15 minute initial appointment ~ We go over your signs, symptoms and diet and develop you a plan with lifestyle based treatments, dietary changes, supplementation and herbal remedies that can help your set of symptoms and causes
  • 45 minute follow up ~ We measure progress and upgrade the plan based on your improvements and goals
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Once your main treatment plan is developed we set you on a path to maintain your brain health over the long term

Further ongoing follow ups can be booked. All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner where necessary.

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