Brain Teaser | Cognitive Enhancer


Brain Tonic

This tonic is for those who need focus and calm. Bacopa leaf benefits cognitive functioning and performance through its nootropic action from its triterpenoid saponin content, see image provided. Studies suggest that Bacopa improves memory recall in 9/17 free memory recall tests (1.). Other evidence suggests Bacopa Monniera acts via anti-oxidant neuroprotection mechanisms among other more direct activation of neurotransmitters. This tonic also contains Ginkgo and Kawakawa leaf for their energising and memory enhancing properties, adding to the tonics efficacy and overall antioxidant action.

Take when needing to concentrate. Hint: Take bottle to work or study. For short term use.

2023 update: Users report that ability to keep focused is improved.

Photo credit: Pictured: Ginkgo and Kawakawa leaf


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Bacopa leaf, Ginkgo leaf, Kawakawa leaf, Liquorice root


Take 5ml up to 3 x daily when needing to concentrate. Benefits cognitive function for those who need extra focus and calm. Hint: Take bottle to work or study.


If taking blood thinning medications or if using psychiatric medications please consult your health practitioner before using. Contains Liquorice, this tonic should be avoided in those with uncontrolled high blood pressure.