Broken Heart Remedy | Nervine Relaxant


Nervine Restorative

This tonic is designed for recovery from heartache or any situation in which you feel grief, bereaved or heart broken. This tonic benefits those anxiety states found in the stomach, helps lower the stress response and improves mood over time bringing you back to a more balanced state. Although there is no turning back the clock, the pathway to the future can be made easier. This tonic is an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and helps to lower cortisol levels, our stress hormone, through the Withanolides in Withania root. Withania, otherwise known as Ashwagandha, has been associated with reductions in morning cortisol.

Withania root ~ Adaptogenic

St John’s wort leaf and flower ~ Antidepressant

Passionflower leaf ~ Anxiolytic

Motherwort leaf ~ Cardiotonic

Not to be used with antidepressant medications.

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Withania root, St John’s wort leaf and flower, Passionflower leaf, Motherwort leaf


Take 10 ml twice daily before main meals. Take for 3 – 12 weeks. Do not exceed recommended dose.


Not to be taken if you have stomach ulcers. If you are taking any prescribed medication consult with your health professional before taking. St John’s wort interacts with many medications and significantly with anti-depressants. Do not take during psychosis, severe depression, liver or kidney disease. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.