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The Cardiovascular Clinic runs all year round. Cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome is on the rise and we need to combat these with education and participation. Signs of a worrying cardiovascular system are high blood pressure, abdominal fat, altered cholesterol and blood lipids, and altered blood sugar levels among others. Many of these are signs not symptoms meaning that if you have these you wont be able to tell yourself. Cardiovascular disease is often referred to as the silent disease because the signs of heart attack are not there until its too late. This is why blood pressure and other signs must be taken regularly. Fortunately, many of us do get these checked at the doctor but what do we do if we have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol or been told to lose weight? You may need some assistance.

Our Cardiovascular Clinic specialises in helping you identify your triggers and warning signs as we help you become more competent at learning how to influence the cardiovascular system with foods, herbs and self-care. In your appointment we go over the foods you are consuming and determine what you should be eating for your lifestyle, age and gender plus how to address deficiencies with diet and supplements. We start you off on a herbal programme designed to treat your particular melody of signs which may include stress, energy problems or food cravings. As we see you in follow ups, we see what works for you and we are able to paint you a picture of how to look after your blood and blood vessels.

If  we don’t look after our cardiovascular system, then we often end up on a cocktail of drugs to keep us alive. The reason high blood pressure is dangerous is because of the pressure that this puts on our blood vessels and the heart itself. Left untreated the blood vessels stretch too far leading to injury of the epithelium and an onslaught of inflammatory mediators rushing in to heal the damaged blood vessel lining. This would be a good thing unless the cholesterol floating around in our system also attaches and sets foot there, leading to a narrowing of the arteries around the body. Heart attack, stroke & intermittent claudication are all signs of atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the arteries. However, atherosclerosis is not the only trigger of a cardiovascular event. Long term stress is often the underlying driver. Stress is what controls and maintains the level of blood pressure and blood sugar. As the body produces stress hormones to respond to the task at hand, the natural process to increase the blood pressure goes too far. If we couple this with a genetic tendency for weak blood vessel lining {nature} and a diet high in oxidised fats and low in nutrients {nurture} this becomes a case of environmental influence affecting our health. If you want to discover how to nurture your cardiovascular system book into see one of our practitioners today.

  • 1 hour appointment ~ We go over your symptoms and talk about what your warning signs, triggers, plus we alert you to what herbs and nutrients you need to start the process of healing the cardiovascular system.
  • 45 minute follow up ~ You then go away and practice these new habits, taking herbs and supplements and finding the nutrients from your diet, coming back for a 45 minute follow up appointment to discuss the changes and results.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Further changes to your cardiovascular signs and symptoms as well as diet changes take longer to implement and if things are going well a referral back to your doctor for a decrease in medications may be warranted. For others, time and patience may require that you work on it for longer to get the desired results before going back to your GP.

Follow up appointments can be made in order to further track your progress.

All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner if necessary.

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