Children’s Clinic


The Children’s Clinic runs from February to November. We see Children in clinic for a variety of common ailments from low immunity, eczema, allergies, sleep issues, digestive complaints, anxiety and developmental diagnoses. Today’s children are exposed to higher levels of stress both in utero from chemical exposure and often from a young age with antibiotics which can alter the natural acquisition of the microbiome. As well as this parents sometimes need guidance on what to feed kids especially if they are fussy eaters. In New Zealand we have particularly high rates of atopic conditions such as eczema and asthma which are related to allergies. These can manifest from a young age and can be mild or severe in response to foods, pollen’s, dust or food components. Many of these conditions are uncomfortable and can be treated with the support of your doctor and natural remedies. If we treat children when they are young this can help them learn how to develop an awareness when young of the ways we can help ourselves but also reduces the occurrence of more challenging exacerbation’s from happening later in life. Herbal medicines and nutraceuticals are very effective at helping with the aforementioned complaints. Once you start exploring natural remedies for your child you will find they become part of your treatment arsenal. We can help you find out more about how your childls body works.

Our Chilren’s Clinic will help you discover what works for your child and how to use herbal remedies and specific health supplements and diet to to help identify what might be triggering or contributing to their symptom picture. We then address this with diet and supplements and exercises. As we see you in follow ups, we see what works and we are able to paint you a picture of how to look after your child’s health.

The Children’s Clinic consists of:

  • 3/4 ~ 1 hour appointment ~ We go over your child’s symptoms and talk about diet or lifestyle factors that may be contributing. We start with easy to take herbs and supplements that can help alleviate your child’s symptoms as we address the underlying factors that may also be contributing.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ We assess the changes and make further improvements if needed. We also discuss any diet changes that have been made and the effects of these.
  • 15 minute follow up ~ From here we make a long term plan and decide what will help keep your child’s symptoms at bay or make further changes if needed.

Follow up appointments can be made in order to further track progress.

All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner if necessary.

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