Claridges Life Greens powder


Claridges Life foods podwer is a lovely greens powder, with a great range of naturally occurring minerals and vitamins including a good dose of Magnesium found in chlorophyll molecules. Taken daily this will help chelate and reduce any heavy metals found in the digestive tract as well as provide instant energy from the easily assimilated nutrients from these plant powders. A balance of fibre, seaweeds and leaf powders means this is a great greens product at a good price.

Claridges are a local supplier and use mainly New Zealand grown greens powders. Enjoy!

Additional information


250 grams, 500 grams


Rice bran, Barley organic, Wheatleaf organic, Alfalfa organic, Spirulina organic, Chlorella organic, Kelp


Contains iodine. Chlorella may cause headaches initially when starting. Reduce dose to begin with.


Take 1-2 teaspoons daily in water, juice or added to a smoothie. Start on a lowered dose.