Collagen Powder


Don’t pay large prices for Collagen when we have the best price in town for 100% pure Collagen powder ~ this is the same FORTIGEL that is used in all of the collagen supplements sold on the market, providing you with high levels of Proline and Hydroxyproline which the body uses for making joint tissue, bone tissue, skin, hair and nails, blood vessel lining as well as the stomach lining are also produced from collagen. These important amino acids are the basis of good strong collagen matrix. Cartilage is made up of collagen and glucosamine and a layer of slimy synovial fluid in between.

There are so many benefits from this one nutrient! People with arthritis notice reduced pain and inflammation, weak nails and hair become stronger and skin softens and repairs itself better as well as holds more hydration. The more you use it the more benefits you will notice. If you have arthritis or have a specific problem that needs treating ask us about how to use the collagen to get the most benefit. Nutrients work together and you can get better results for certain issues when using a combined approach.

250 grams lasts 50 days, 500 grams lasts 100 days or buy 1 kg for an even cheaper price per gram. We recommend using it for at least a month before assessing the results for yourself and if you get benefits continue for 6 -12 months so that you can build up your levels.

Initial dosing is 1 heaped teaspoon {5g} once daily, or twice daily for 4 weeks if you are treating a painful condition or injures. Maintenance dosage is 1 teaspoon every second or third day.

This is product is made from bovine bones and hides, the waste product from the beef industry. We now package these in compostable bags so when you get your collagen home, place it in a sealed jar and put the bag into your home compost.  Enjoy!

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100% Collagen powder FORTIGEL – Please note this comes in plain packaging with instructions supplied


This is a tasteless powder which can easily be added to water, coffee or any other drink as part of your daily routine. Use 1 heaped teaspoon to get 5 grams daily or use 2 teaspoons daily initially if you have pain. Once you have used collgen for 6-12 months you can reduce the dosage to every other day.


People with Psoriasis or an overproduction of collagen may want to avoid high dose collagen supplementation. Collagen is a food supplement and is very safe with no known contraindications. It is 97% protein.