Comvita Olive leaf original 500ml


Olive leaf is a fascinating herb ~ enjoyed mostly today for its ability to help ward of viral attacks on the immune system, especially if caught early. Olive leaf contains many ‘ployphenols’ also known to improve cardio-metabolic parameters such as blood pressure and blood sugar regulation. Like many herbs, Olive Leaf contains more than one active component, currently understood to contain around 100 naturally occurring compounds many of them highly antioxidant. ‘Oleuropein’ is thought to be the most active ingredient in the bitter Olive leaves. Comvita uses a fresh leaf extract which studies have shown to have a broader spectrum potency. Although Olive leaf is a naturally bitter herb, this is a glycetract meaning it has a pleasant taste and is therefore suitable for children to take. This 500ml size is suitable for the whole family.

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Olive leaf in glycerine


Take 5ml daily as a preventative or up to 3 times daily in acute situations.


Do not take unless prescribed by your health professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.