Cough Medicine ~ Antitussive



Our newly updated Cough Syrup now contains Lomatium root, a herb with antiviral and antibacterial activities which are able to help finish off the lingering viral or bacterial illness as you take it to soothe a dry cough. By using Lomatium we are helping the NZ native flora and fauna as Lomatium is an established weed in New Zealand, with our sources wild harvesting the root here in New Zealand. Still formulated with Wild Cherry, NZ native Kumerahou & Liquorice root and also now Ribwort, a classic lung soother which is able to help soothe a dry cough. This tonic is a cough suppressant for dry, irritating and unproductive coughs where the cough is interrupting with sleep or otherwise known as ‘unproductive’.

Wild cherry bark ~ Antitussive

Ribwort leaf ~ Expectorant

Kumerahou leaf ~ Spasmolytic

Lomatium root – Antiseptic

Liquorice root ~ Demulcent

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Kumerahou leaf, Wild cherry bark, Ribwort leaf, Lomatium root, Liquorice root


Take 5 ml three times daily.
For acute support take 5 ml up to 6 x daily.
Only use as needed. Do not use long term.


Not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding or with hypertension. Not to be used if taking blood thinning medications. Large doses may cause nausea or aggravate gastroesophageal reflux.