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As Clinical Medical Herbalists we believe herbal medicine can be our ally when facing serous health issues. What is important is to match the right herb with the condition. With this in mind and with many hours put into following the pandemic we have tailored a herbal and nutritional support package for our customers.

We can help you decide what you need with a short 15 minute consultation. These tailor made herbal consultations help give individual advice on our herbal support so please do this in person or over the phone if you have specific risk factors or to talk about your situation, or at the time of catching Covid via a phone consultation.

Immune Tonic – This tonic is designed for those who want to support the immune system and prepare for Covid. We recommend this tonic for those who cant get vaccinated, or who have underlying health conditions who want to do everything possible to prepare for infection. We also recommend it for people who have experienced some stress and therefore want to get themselves back to a place of health because as we know stress affects the immune system adversely, and recovering form stress is a key component of our preparation for Covid, it is what we call a ‘modifiable risk factor.  It contains: Astragalus root, Echinacea root, Nigella seed. See here for more info.

Immune Support – This tonic is designed for those who have a Covid infection. We know the early stages of infection are key for an immune response. We want a healthy immunity and we also want to support the body while going through this immune challenge. This tonic contains: Astragalus root, Baical skullcap root, Korean ginseng root, Liquorice root, Ginger root. See here for more info.

Cough Medicine – This is our deep lung, dry cough medicine and we recommend it for helping with the Covid cough. Stopping  the cough is important as this prevents droplet spread, helps with sleep and helps prevent exhaustion. This tonic contains: Wild cherry bark, Ribwort leaf, Kumerahou leaf, Lomatium root, Liquorice root. See here for more info.

Vitamin C 100 tabs – We recommend high dose Vitamin C during a Covid infection to help the body create white blood cells needed to fight the virus. For high dosing take a tablet every 3-4 hours to keep vitamin C levels high in the blood.

Zinc 90 tablets – We recommend high dose zinc during a Covid infection. We say high dose because we don’t know if our Zinc levels are high or low and most studies done on zinc during infections which show good results use a high dose short term during infection to saturate the blood and tissues. Please note Zinc can be toxic in high doses over a long period, so for the duration of the infection 2-3 tablets a day is recommended but regular 1 a day dosing should be used prior to infection to increase and maintain zinc levels.

Vitamin D 200 caps –  In the summer months we can get sufficient Vitamin D from the sun if we expose our skin to the sun on a daily basis. If we work indoors or use sunblock we need to supplement, even over summer. Studies have shown a correlation between low vitamin D levels and severity of Covid infection so we recommend to get sufficient sun in summer or take a supplemental daily dose of 1000IU. During a Covid infection that can be increased to 5000IU for the duration of the infection only.

A good multivitamin can cover a multitude of nutrients so talk to us about taking a multivitamin with good levels of these nutrients instead of getting individual supplements.

Magic Mushroom powder –  We call this magic because the combination of Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms and their polysaccharide fractions have such a beneficial effect on immune function it is worth getting excited about. Mushroom extracts support a thorough immune response while modulating and balancing the immune response accordingly. They can be used to build up the immunity after a period of stress or during an infection. This can be used instead of the Immune Tonic. See here for more info.

3 Berry Heart tea – We know that a Covid infection can attack the cardiovascular system and if the infection gets into the body, the heart also. We want to protect our heart and blood vessels with high quality antioxidants from the polyphenol family. Anthocyanins are amazing antioxidants and they help protect the blood vessels. Hawthorn berry, Hibiscus flower and Rosehips combine to add a plethora of polyphenols to a tea which can be drunk daily for cardiovascular benefits and if this is a risk factor you think you might have then this tea can be taken as a preventative measure or a part of your Covid protocol, as well as during an infection. Please talk to your Dr if you are taking heart medications. See here for more info.

Lung tea – Our lung tea is a combination of herbs that are the equivalent of the Cough Medicine tonic. Teas also help soothe the throat and are a great way to have a continuous supply of herbal infusions on hand. We have also had long Covid sufferers use our tea and say it helps relieve some of their persistent lung symptoms. This tea contains Elecampane root, Mullein leaf, Hoheria leaf, Cornflowers, Ginger, Lime flowers and Lemon balm.  See here for more info.

Immunity tea – This tea is a selection of herbs for general immune support and can be taken instead of the Immune Tonic as  daily preventative and support for immunity. It can also be drunk during a Covid infection. It contains Echinacea root, Elderberry, Kawakawa leaf, Rosemary leaf, Ginger root, Thyme leaf, Liquorice root.  See here for more  info.

Ginger tea – Ginger can be purchased fresh from the market or dried and made into a tea. Ginger is a great tonic to have on hand for a Covid infection as it has mild antiplatelet activity which can help prevent blood stickiness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which will come in handy. See here for more info.

Turmeric root tincture – Turmeric tincture is an alcohol/water extraction which extracts the fat and water soluble constituents of the Turmeric root including the curcuminoids. Curcuminoids are fantastically anti-inflammatory which will help with Covid symptoms and management. We advise taking turmeric tincture 3 x daily during a Covid infection for anti-inflammatory/cytokine support. See here for more info.

Garlic caps – You can use good quality NZ garlic cloves or you can purchase enteric coated Garlic tablets which will pop open in your intestine meaning you wont have garlic breath to worry about. Garlic is a great antimicrobial and because bacteria like to invade when the immunity is busy dealing with viral illness, taking something like garlic is a great way to ensure you don’t get an opportunistic infection at the same time. Garlic also thins the blood somewhat so is also a great remedy for Covid as Covid infection can cause blood clots in some individuals.

Propolis throat lozenges – with Omicron affecting the upper respiratory tract as well, throat lozenges are recommended to soothe the mucous membranes in the throat. Propolis lozenges made directly here in Christchurch also provides some antibacterial advantages and are only $8 for a pack of 20.

15 minute consultation – We advise a 15 minute chat to go over your circumstances, preparation, immune challenges and stress levels therefore we can tailor a solution for you based on your and your families needs. We can do this over the phone or in person. See here for booking.

*Please note – this is a herbal SUPPORT package not a replacement for medical care. If you have a Covid infection you must seek medical help and you must use an Oxymeter to read the blood oxygen level if isolating at home. Please also read our ‘Self isolation at home guide’ here.

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Immune Tonic, Immune Support, Cough Medicine, Vitamin C tabs, Zinc tabs, Vitamin D caps, Magic mushroom powder, 3 Berry Heart Tea, Lung Tea, Immunity tea, Ginger tea, Turmeric root tincture, Garlic caps, Propolis throat lozenges, 15 minute appt


Choose from the list of tonics after consulting with a Medical Herbalist on your specific situation and risk


If you are taking any medications please check with your doctor or Medical Herbalist before taking these herbs and supplements