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The Diabetes Clinic runs all year round. Type 2 Diabetes affects more and more people in today’s developed world. This is due to the western diet and the western lifestyle combined. Often we learn how to eat as a child and without the correct nutrition, leading us into a way of eating that does not serve our body. Without the education around food and eating we can be easily led by the food industry and feel that our body does not behave in the way we would like it. This results eventually in cases of elevated blood sugar levels, elevated cholesterol and abdominal fat, also known as Metabolic syndrome. This can often happen slowly and insidiously meaning we don’t notice it until we get there. Stress can also affect this but the problem with diabetes is also the effects on our organs including our cardiovascular system, our hormonal system and our immune systems. If we do not address this our blood sugars can become chronically high and this leads onto the more serious outcomes such as kidney failure, blindness and cardiovascular events. In these cases medications are needed but are often not enough. The only answer is to reverse the damage done by the over consumption of foods. It is important to make sure you see a qualified practitioner in this case so we can assess your diet and lifestyle and help you to get the best result in a way that suits you. We can also use herbs alongside medications to support your journey.

Our Diabetes Clinic aims to help you identify your triggers and warning signs well as teach you how to eat to reverse type 2 diabetes. These eating techniques can be included in your daily life to help you keep you satiated and we will help you determine what foods you can eat. We then determine what herbs may also help you along the way so that you can utilise the herbal remedies that we have available alongside your dietary and lifestyle measures. As we see you in follow ups, we help motivate and encourage you to keep up the good work and help problems solve all issues along the way as you learn how to look after yourself better.

If we don’t address diabetes or pre-diabetes we can easily start to think that there is nothing we can do about our situation. Meanwhile our digestive system suffers from all of the bad foods we have eaten and we feel tired and irritated all of the time. We can change all of these things throughout your time in the Diabetes Clinic working on what comes up in the consultation.  To get into the Diabetes Clinic you need to be prepared to do the following:

  • 1 hour appointment ~ We go over your symptoms, medications and talk about diet as we prepare you to embark on your journey. We start with diet and simple supplements that can help alleviate your symptoms as we make a plan for you for the long term.
  • 1 hour follow up ~ This is the most important follow up as we teach you about the changes you are making and help you to navigate your way through the often challenging diet initially. We also assess your symptoms and see if there were any early improvements from the herbs and supplements given. This is your question time.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Further changes to your diet and lifestyle take longer to implement and if things are going well your blood sugars will be starting to stabilise. For others, time and patience may require that you work on it for longer to get the desired results.
  • Weekly 15 minute follow ups ~ Until your blood sugar levels are stable we will continue with weekly 15 minute follow ups so that you feel supported and improve as expected. We will send you to your doctor for follow up blood tests if we get blood sugar readings in clinic that are in the mid range.

All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner if necessary.

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