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Since studies on Brocolli extract have begun the unique properties of the chemical Sulforaphane have been discovered adding to the body of research that suggests that brocolli has cancer protective and cell enhancing properties. Broccoli sprout extract can support the body’s natural cellular detoxification processes and antioxidant defences.

New research suggest that Sulforaphane and many other plant chemicals have an effect that triggers the antioxidant enzyme called glutathione. This results in what has been described as an ‘antioxidant bath’ within the cell, helping to reduce the damage caused by oxidation. We call it cellular insurance.

The reason we use Broccoli sprout is because the concentration of Sulforaphane’s building blocks {Myrosinase and Glucoraphan} are found 50 times higher than in mature broccoli. When these building blocks, Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase, come in contact with saliva, they immediately convert to the ‘bioactive’ form, Sulforaphane which exerts its properties within the body. The benefits occur when taking for between 1-3 months.

Not all broccoli sprout powders are created equal however. In the absence of the Myrosinase enzyme, Glucoraphanin has no useful value when consumed. The ProCell supplement has been shown by NZ Plant & Research to be at least twice as active as other leading products tested.

DNA food are a local company has the best Broccoli extract on the market so you can be assured that the Sulphurophane is entering the body and you are getting what you paid for. Enjoy the antioxidant bath!

Additional information


60 caps, 80 grams


100% New Zealand grown freeze-dried broccoli sprout powder


None known. May cause stomach irritation in some people. This is usually temporary.


Take 2 capsules daily. The benefits occur when taking for between 1-3 months.