Dr Tung’s Periosticks – xtra thin


Are you a Paleo nut? Do you enjoy seeds and nuts as snacks?
Then you’ll love Perio Sticks. Dr Tung’s Periosticks are natural toothpicks made from Eco-certified Nordic birch, with tapered, anatomical profile, naturally biodegradable with no added dyes or flavour. The flattened, tapered profile fits comfortably between teeth to stimulate gums and remove seeds and food particles. Feels so good!

Good oral health is an integral part of overall health, and this knowledge has its roots in traditional dentistry and naturopathic philosophy. Research also suggests that some oral bacteria may even be responsible for some systemic autoimmune diseases which makes oral hygiene vitally important. Food particles that are left over are a breeding ground for bacteria and these bacteria form plaque. They change the pH of the mouth into an acid state which erodes tooth enamel. Sugar feeds these bacterial biofilms. Removing leftover food particles makes for not only a nice smile but good oral health too! #DoIhaveFoodInMyTeeth

This is a low cost way to achieve oral health benefits and are cheap and easy. The tin can be left in the handbag or drawer at home and work and will last for months when used daily. Enjoy!

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Stop saving it for later! Place in between teeth to remove food particles. Be sure to rinse the mouth with water as well.