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This traditional combination of sedative and relaxant herbs helps reduce sleep onset time and promotes a deeper sleep due to the Californian Poppy. Alkaloids found exclusivley in California Poppy express GABA-a receptor effects. This combination of Californian poppy plus relaxant herbs Passionflower, Skullcap and Chamomile reduces nervous activity, induces relaxation and sleep, and may help with pain management at night. As such this tonic shouldn’t be used alongside sleeping pills or codeine but instead of.

Best taken for 4 weeks to combat chronic sleep issues.

Californian poppy leaf ~ Sedative

Skullcap leaf ~ Relaxant

Passionflower leaf ~ Relaxant

Chamomile flowers ~ Relaxant

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Californian poppy leaf, Skullcap leaf, Passionflower leaf, Chamomile flower


Take 10 ml before sleep. If under severe stress take an additional 10 ml in evening or take a further 10 ml in the night, to a total of 20ml per 24 hours.


If taking anticonvulsive, pain relieving, sedative or antidepressant medication please consult with your health practitioner before using. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding without the advice of a qualified health professional.