Ecofloss & refill


Finally a non-plastic floss which is created and sourced by some awesome Dentists right here in New Zealand – thanks Dr Rob Beaglehole!

Ecofloss is a great dental floss and can also be thrown in the compost when finished. It comes in a glass dispenser and has the option of refilling it with a 2 pack of floss in a wee cardboard box.

This is a New Zealand company so your product has a low carbon footprint and your money is staying right here in New Zealand, plus they donate toothbrushes to the local kids around Nelson. Enjoy!

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Silk floss in a glass dispenser 30m, 2 x 30m refills


Floss in between teeth before brushing and rinse the floss after each tooth. Floss daily. Compost the floss after it has worn.