Elite with Zest


Introducing the great tasting, no-calorie, CitriLyte. Contains original Elete Electrolyte with the addition of zinc and lemon juice this can be used as an eletrolyte replacement. Electrolyte loss during intense training and endurance activity can be prevented with this great tasting alternative. Electrolytes loss is associated with fatigue, cramping, dehydration, and impaired performance. Citrilyte contains pure electrolyte concentrate, providing balanced ions of potassium, magnesium, sodium chloride, and citrus flavours ~ nothing more. When purchasing elite you are buying just concentrated electrolytes, not paying for sugar, flavourings, or the shipping of water. This is higher quality at a fraction of the price and better for your health ~ which is why we love it.
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Lemon extract, Mineral from the Dead sea, purified water, potassium chloride, citrus extract. Each serving 2.5ml contains Magnesium 46 mg; Chloride 455 mg; Potassium 125 mg; Sodium 126 mg.


Suggested use: 3ml per litre of water. Consume as needed or required.


Those with congestive heart failure should check with their health professional before using.