Elite Electrolyte


This product is value for money when it comes to a superior electrolyte and whats best is it comes without the add on’s of sugar and carbohydrates. Most athletes don’t need these and can replenish carbohydrates stores after training {marathon runners are the exception!}. Elete has one down side and that is the taste so it needs to be taken in juice or in shots unless you have a salty tooth that is!

Even those who aren’t performance extraordinaire’s can use this product and generally feel better. Mums who live busy lives and dads who work outside in the sun will benefit from taking electrolytes as it helps prevent fatigue and dehydration. Rumour also has it that it helps prevent hangovers as it helps prevent dehydration due to the salt content which makes it a great product to have on hand. If you don’t like the saline flavour then use Elete Ion Power with Zest instead ~ it is slightly more palatable!

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Dead sea mineral concentrate, Purified water, Potassium chloride – Serve Size of 2.5mls = ½ a teaspoon per litre of water. Amount per serving: Magnesium 45mg; Chloride 450mg; Sodium 125mg; Potassium 125mg


7 drops per 100ml of Water or 2.5ml per litre.


Those with congestive heart failure must check with a health professional before using.