Elixir of Life | Adaptogenic



This unique combination of herbs supports the aging process by modulating the stress response, combating cellular fatigue and supporting the immune system, key areas of aging we can modify with herbal remedies. Mechamism of action studies show that Ginseng saponins stimulate the cyclic AMP within the adrenal cortex thereby improving output of stress hormones. These steroid hormones decline with age, increasing our levels of inflammation.
Additionally, some studies suggest memory function is improved by Gotu kola. Antioxidant herbs such as Hawthorn berry and Rosemary support cardiac function and brain function thereby benefiting the aging process by supporting general wellbeing. Echinacea root has been shown to improve the activity of white blood cells making this a wonderful tonic for supporting reduction in immunity associated with the aging process. Best taken long term for ultimate benefits.

If you are taking medication please check with your doctor or pharmacist before using, please enquire with us about the right dosage for your age and health status.

Panax ginseng root ~ Adaptogen

Gotu kola leaf ~ Vulnerary

Echinacea root ~ Immune tonic

Hawthorn leaf and berry ~ Cardiotonic

Rosemary – Antioxidant

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Additional information


Panax ginseng root, Rosemary leaf, Gotu kola leaf, Echinacea root, Hawthorn leaf and berry


Take 10-12ml once daily in the morning


Please check with your health professional if you are taking any medications including blood thinning medications, digoxin, cardiac drugs, immuno-suppressants, Warfarin, or MAO inhibitors. Do not take if you have gallstones.