Endurance Elixir ~ Performance Tonic


Performance Tonic

Benefits those who desire increased physical and mental performance. Take during periods of intense training when you demand the highest stamina and mental focus from yourself. Reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles, supports the cardiovascular system, and proves some anti-inflammatory support. Schisandra has been shown to improve visual acuity in several tests to date.

Take during periods of intense training and on the day of performance or for fatigue and muscular weakness.

Siberian ginseng root ~ Adaptogen

Schisandra berry ~ Sensory tonic

Hawthorn leaf ~ Cardiovascular tonic

Celery seed ~ Anti-infflammatory

Liquorice root ~ Anti-inflammatory

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Siberian ginseng root, Schisandra berry, Hawthorn leaf, Celery seed, Liquorice root


Take 10 ml before and after workouts. Can be used long term or short term. Best results are gained when used for 3 months.


Check with health professional if taking cardiac drugs, if you have kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or water retention. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.