Essential Oil Diffuser Ceramic


These beautifully simple ceramic diffuser’s push out the oil without heating it which means that the oil doesn’t evaporate in the air and it lasts about 6 x longer. Just 6 drops a day and you will still smell the oils clearly at the  end of the day. These pretty diffusers sit nicely on the desk or in the bedroom making them a great way to burn oils that kill germs {Teatree, Eucalyptus,Thyme, Sage}, open the airways {Eucalyptus, Thyme}, relax {Lavender, Geranium}, and just plain smell divine {Ylangylang, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood}. The oils that disperse into the air in this way do actually end up in the body through the lungs as has recently been researched of late. The essential oil components enter the bloodstream through the lungs and impart their effects like this. This is the new school way to burn oils and feel fantastic by adding the sense of smell to your day!

These come in a variety of colours including peach, mustard, black and white. Please enquire about the colours we have in stock as stock changes quickly these days due to importation  and supply chain delays.

Zurma are giving away a free oil blend with each diffuser. These come in light or dark wood grain, so please choose when purchasing, light wood is pictured above.


Additional information


Add water to the inside o the diffuser and add 6-8 drops of your essential oil to the water. The diffuser automatically switches itself off when the water runs dry.


White, Black, Blush Pink, Terracotta


Care must be taken with esential oils around pregnant women, babies and children. Keep the room well ventilated.