Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support


Urinary Tract Infections {UTI’s or Cystitis} can be treated with herbal medicines so long as they are caught early and the herbs are taken correctly as well as taking a full glass of  water hourly. This tablet formula is a well researched formula which can help treat a bladder infection. Take at the onset of an infection or use preventativly if needed. Be sure to keep a close eye on symptoms {stinging, burning and going to the toilet often} and if it worsens within 24 hours see a doctor immediately as kidneys are too precious to get damaged from an out of control urinary tract infection. Drink water hourly in any case.  If you are getting frequent recurrent UTI’s see one of our practitioners about this as it may indicate an underlying stressor or immune dysfunction.

Like all products we stock this passes the quality and efficacy test that we set as practitioners of natural health. Because if there’s not enough in it its not worth taking.

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Each tablet contains: Extracts equivalent to: Rosa laevigata, root dry (Cherokee Rose) 1.5 g
Smilax china, rhizome dry (China Root) 1.2 g; Lygodium japonicum, whole plant dry (Japanese Climbing Fern) 832 mg.


For cystitis symptom relief: Take 5 tablets four times daily.
To maintain urinary tract health: Take 3 tablets four times daily. Take with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.


If pain or irritation persists for more than 48 hours, consult your doctor. The presence of blood in the urine warrants immediate medical attention. No added artificial flavouring or preservatives. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts, starches, yeast and salt.