Fertility Clinic


Our Fertility Clinic is designed for couples wanting to conceive and needing premium pre-conception care and advice for the best outcomes naturally. This doesn’t mean we don’t use other forms of fertility support it means we complement different types of fertility support for the best outcomes. Nutrition and oxidative health are key aspects of pre-conception care for both the male and the female partners. Ideally we want at least a 3 month time frame in order to ensure we build up our nutritional reserves for the sake of our health and our future baby’s health too.

Why do we need pre-conception care plans? All nutrients are needed in optimal ranges for a healthy pregnancy. Whilst the focus is on folate and iodine, in fact all of the nutrients are required in higher doses when we are pregnant or trying to conceive. On top of this appetite changes mean that we don’t always eat the required amount of nutrients in the first trimester, so building up our nutrients before we get pregnant means we start off on a better footing. Additionally for the female partner if we have been on contraception our folate reserves may be depleted (1). Studies also show that some vitamins are protective in terms of our gestational diabetes risk factors during pregnancy (2). Good quality multi nutrients are essential in our view and we can recommend the right nutrients at the right levels for you to take. For the female partner our overall urogenital health comes into it as we look at the whole health as part of the pre-conception package. Regular cycles are essential if we are to conceive.

Men’s health is just as important as female health when it come to pregnancy. For the male partner sperm numbers and sperm quality are indicative of the health of our offspring. Studies have shown that oxidative stress and nutritional status affects sperm health. Sperm health is affected by chemicals and heavy metals, which can be treated if given the right amount of time and patience and requires at lest 3 months for a new cycle of healthy sperm to be produced.

In your appointment we prefer to see both the male and female partner together to go over your general health as well as any specific symptoms and test results. We can support you if you are dong IVF cycles or if you just want general health advice on how to have the best pregnancy possible. We start to develop you a plan with recommendations based on up to date herbal remedies and targeted nutrition. We initiate your treatment plan alongside any medications you are taking and write to your GP or fertility specialists if needed. We start the journey of working together to improve your health.

Our Fertility Clinic requires both partners to be there and consists of the following:

  • 90 minute appointment ~ We go over your signs, symptoms and diet and develop you a plan with lifestyle based treatments, dietary changes, supplementation and herbal remedies that can help your symptoms and address deficiencies
  • 45 minute follow up ~ We measure progress and upgrade the plan based on your progress
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Once your main treatment plan is developed we help you keep up the changes

Further ongoing follow ups can be booked. Treatment may need to last between 3-6 months for optimal fertility health.  All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner where necessary.

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