Fitgenes Nutrigenomic DNA test


Discover the powerful interaction between genetics, diet & lifestyle with the Fitgenes DNA test.  Personalised genetic profiling offers profound insight into how genes related to diet, exercise & lifestyle factors can be modified with the right choices & behavoiurs. With the knowledge of your own unique genetic profile we can then determine what genes are affecting you the most.

Working with your practitioner you can expect a comprehensive test of 50 key genes to address the following:

  • Inflammation – Pro-inflammatory & anti-inflammatory marker genes
  • Cardiovascular parameter genes
  • Detoxification genes – endogenous & exogenous compounds such as hormones and caffeine
  • Important cellular antioxidant genes
  • Cholesterol and fat metabolism genes
  • Vitamin D metabolism genes
  • Methylation and Homocysteine metabolism genes

These key markers identify modifiable genetic predispositions that are influential in most modern day health issues.  Modern day health issues are defined by an over reactive immune system & increased cardiometabolic parameters to do with weight, inflammation & antioxidant response.

The benefits of a gene test are that the test only needs to be done once and the results last a lifetime. These can be interpreted at different stages of life to help understand the health issues you are facing. Best of all, knowledge of your genetic pathways helps you identify and prevent modifiable risk factors. Genes interact with the environment and knowing your genes helps you to understand how your body may or may not be influencing your health.

If you have done the or 23andme DNA test these results can be interpreted for you regarding Fitgenes, lowering the cost significantly.

Fitgnes uses a simple traffic light system to identify which genes according to research are a) able to be modified through changes in lifestyle, diet or exercise habits b) be significantly upstream in the metabolic pathway to make a difference to your overall health c) not be a barrier to gaining health insurance in the future d) make a difference to your health goals e) be able to help support healthy aging & prevent many health problems from manifesting

Please note we do not test specifics for diseases such as breast cancer or any other disease. Gene tests for these markers need to be undertaken by your doctor.

Please choose from the options below – the main test is called ‘Health & Wellbeing’ but you can include extra Vitamin D receptor testing. If you have data from or 23&me you can submit this for both ‘Health & Wellbeing’ and ‘Vitamin D receptor’ testing also.

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Health & Wellbeing, Health & Wellbeing including Vitamin D full report, Conversion from 23&me or to Health & Wellbeing, Conversion from 23&me or to Health & Wellbeing & Vitamin D full report

Testing is usually decided in conjunction with your practitioner to assess the suitability and rationale for any test and follow up treatment. If the benefit outweighs the cost and the test is able to diagnose & help decide treatment then testing is warranted. If a similar test can be done through the health system in conjuction with your doctor then we will refer you to your practicing GP for testing or further follow up following our test.

Tests take between 3 to 4 weeks to get returned. Fitgenes DNA test is taken at home and kits come with a full set of instructions and courier bag. Results will be sent to your practitioner for interpretation. Currently only Simone Reddington (Herbalist & Naturopath) is trained as a Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner.

Please note this test needs to be done in conjunction with a qualified practitioner and results are returned to a practitioner to be interpreted. We stock these on our website for Apothecary clients information and pricing only. If you have a practitioner and would like to order a test please send us the name and practice of your practitioner so we can fill in the form for them before you receive your test. Please also note we do not keep test kits in stock, any test ordered on your behalf will need to be ordered in and then sent. If you would like to order a test please book a 15 minute consultation with one of our practitioners so we can screen you for the test and book a follow up for your results.