Fountain of Youth ~ Hair Tonic


Hair Tonic(Formerly Skin & Bone)

This tonic benefits formation of healthy and strong hair, skin and nails.

For those who have experienced hair loss and want lush hair, this formula will help with the condition of the hair and support growth. Polygonum’s antioxidant values support healthy aging and premature greying. Horsetail, Oats and Rosemary support the growth and condition of hair.

Reasons for hair loss include stress, fatigue and thyroid imbalance. Please see a health professional to get an accurate diagnosis.

This tonic may need to be taken with colloidal minerals or collagen or extra stress or thyroid support.

Polygonum root ~ Antioxidant

Withania root ~ Adaptogen

Horsetail leaf ~ Nutritive

Oatstraw ~ Nutritive

Rosemary leaf ~ Circulatory tonic

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Additional information


Polygonum root, Withania root, Horsetail leaf, Oatstraw, Rosemary leaf


10 ml twice a day for 3 months.


Do not take if you have Gall bladder obstruction.
Symptoms of reflux may worsen.
Take iron supplements separately.
Do not use if you are pregnant without professional advice.