Stay Woke ~ Get up & Go Tea


Formerly called ‘Get up and Go’, Stay woke is our stimulant tea. It contains caffeine from the Yerba Mate but longer lasting effects on stamina come from the Siberian ginseng, our native herb Kawakawa is also a mild stimulant as well as a blood cleanser and Peppermint and Liquorice also pack a punch making it a digestive stimulant also. Studies have shown people adapt faster to shift work when using Ginseng roots. The great thing about herbs is that they always have more than one application so we receive multiple benefits from them. Enjoy!

This tea contains: Siberian Ginseng root, Kawakawa leaf, Yerba Mate, Peppermint leaf & Liquorice root.

All of our herbal tea blends are created by us and are made from quality local {where possible} and imported herbs from mainly organic herb farms. Quality dried herbs should look and smell fresh and will give a longer infusion time. To learn how to make herbal teas in your own home check out our courses on tea making.

30 grams will last just over a week and 80 grams will last for up to a month when drunk daily. Reuse leaves 2-3 times until spent. Enjoy.

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Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Kawakawa, Peppermint, Liquorice.


Infusion: Take 1 teaspoon of herb and steep in a pot for 20 minutes. Or steep overnight and drink the next day. Best drink in the morning or throughout the day but not in the evening unless you area shift worker.


Contains caffeine. Do not use if you are suffering from Insomnia. If your energy is low always consult a health professional. Stimulants can aggravate anxiety.
Not recommended during pregnancy but safe to use while breastfeeding in small doses – 1 cup per day