Botanic Cocktail

If you like the taste of Gin but not the alcohol content then this culinary delight is for you! Enjoy the flavours of Gin botanicals such as Juniper, NZ natives Kawakawa & Horopito, Saffron and Aniseed, added to tonic water for a non-alcoholic refreshment.

Please note this tonic contains a small amount of alcohol from the herbal extraction method which is not enough to cause inebriation.


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Juniper berry, Kawakawa leaf, Lemon balm leaf, Horopito leaf, Saffron crocus, Aniseed, Valerian root, Cinnamon bark


5-10 drops in tonic water as a refreshment


If you are not sure if this tonic will interact with you current health status or medications please check with us before using.