Gone Viral ~ Antiviral



Supports a thorough and immediate immune response which no virus will survive. Elderberry has researched antiviral aspects, combined with Echinacea’s immune boosting properties and the antiseptic oils in the Sage means that you can protect yourself against colds, flu’s and virus this winter. If you’re having late nights or are overworked and you want to prevent illness this is the tonic to take.

Echinacea root ~ Immune tonic

Elderberry ~ Antiviral

Pelargonium root ~ Immune modulating

Sage leaf ~ Antiseptic

Ginger root ~ Diaphoretic

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Echinacea root, Elderberry, Pelargonium root, Sage leaf, Ginger root


At viral onset take 5 ml 3 – 4 times daily.
Take 10 ml once daily as a preventative.
If you suspect you are pregnant stop taking.


Not to be taken if on transplant rejection medication or Warfarin.
Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.