Hand Sanitiser


Finally a custom made hand sanitiser made locally just for us.

Kind on hands but tough on bacteria and viruses this hand sanitiser will kill germs on contact. It is made with 70% alcohol which pierces the lipid membrane, just above the recommended 60% alcohol level. It also contains skin friendly Vitamin E, Aloe vera gel and essential oils which also have an antiseptic action and leave the hands smelling lovely & feeling soft.

What’s even better, is that it is refillable and you save on the bottle each time you refill.  *Please note the refill option is only for in store pick up with the original bottle*

We think it’s the prettiest hand santiser on the market!


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Rubbing alcohol – 70%, Aloe vera Gel, Vitamin E, Elemi, Lavender grosso & Rosemary essential oils


Use when regular handwashing isn't available or practical. Use 1 or 2 pumps and spread onto hands as needed. Keep out of reach of children.