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This relaxant and antispasmodic calms both the body and the mind. The Jamaican dogwood root bark is a traditional antispasmodic reducing muscle tension and muscle cramps, as is Kava root, traditionally used for its muscle relaxant properties as well as its anxiety lowering actions, while Cleavers supports lymphatic drainage and may help lower fluid retention ~ just like a regular massage will!

This tonic is designed to be used during menstrual cramping or after exercise to support muscle recovery, or where there is stress or tention affecting muscle tone. It may also help joint pain where accompanying muscle tension is involved.

This tonic is best used at night as it will help with sleep onset. Not to be taken with medications, or for long term use. Anyone with a medical diagnosis should consult with us before using.

Jamaican dogwood rootbark ~ Skeletal muscle relaxant

Kava root ~ Nerve and skeletal muscle relaxant

Cramp bark ~ Smooth muscle relaxant

Cleavers leaf ~ Lymphatic tonic

Ginger root – Circulatory stimulant

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Cramp bark, Jamaican dogwood rootbark, Kava root, Cleavers leaf, Ginger root


Take 10 ml 1-2 times daily or after exercise to support muscle recovery. Separate dose by 2 hours if you are taking mineral supplements or taking pain medication. Do not exceed dosage recommendations.


Not to be taken if you have severe depression, psychosis, Parkinson’s, medically diagnosed bradycardia or if you have severe liver or kidney disease. If you are taking prescription medications please check with your health professional before taking. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Stop taking if you suspect you are pregnant.