Wild Dispensary Immunity Tonic


Wild Dispensary are a team of locals in Dunedin who harvest wild herbs and create great tasting medicinal tonics from NZ native and NZ wildcrafted herbs. This Elderberry tonic has antiviral properties for general cold and flu virus, this has been shown in several studies and is a trusted remedy which also contains loads of polyphenols which gives it the lovely dark colour, great for general health and kids also.

Use this daily in winter to help ward off cold and flu.

What is even better is that this product has a low carbon footprint due to being a locally harvested product. Thanks team @ The Wild Dispensary!

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Elderberry, Ginger, Orange, Manuka, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves in a water, glycerine base, citric acid.




Shake well befire use. Adults 10 mls up to 5 x daily. Children 5mls up to 5 x daily
Preventative dose: 1 x daily. Can be added to hotor cold water or taken as it is.


Immune stimulating herbs should be used with care in those with autoimmune disease. These herbs are generally regarded as safe (GRAS).