Internal Shower Tea | Kidney Tea


Internal Shower is a reference to the job of the Kidneys our waste water treatment organs. This tea furthers the action of the kidneys whose job is to filter blood and eliminate water soluble waste products and extracellular fluid. This is also a therapeutic treatment for assisting with high blood pressure as the water retention can be a factor in raised blood pressure. It is perfect for those undertaking detoxification of heavy metals or any chelation process. It is also beneficial for those who retain water and it can be drink on an as needed basis or pre-menstrually.  Enjoy!

This tea contains: Golden rod leaf, Horsetail leaf, Nettle leaf, Hawthorn leaf.

All of our herbal tea blends are created by us and are made from quality local {where possible} and imported herbs from mainly organic herb farms. Quality dried herbs should look and smell fresh and will give a longer infusion time. To learn how to make herbal teas in your own home check out our courses on tea making.

20 grams will last just over a week and 50 grams will last for up to a month when drunk daily. Reuse leaves 2-3 times until spent. Enjoy.

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Golden rod leaf, Horsetail leaf, Nettle leaf, Hawthorn leaf.
Suitable for the third trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Infusion: Drink once or twice daily in the morning or afternoon. Take 1 teaspoon of herb and steep in a pot for 20 minutes.


This tea is diuretic meaning you lose water through the kidneys. If you are taking diuretic medications this will have an additive effect and you must talk to a health professional first. In some people this tea may cause dehydration headaches.